Most Sensitive Ones Can Be Emotionally Strong

I come across to be in the borderline of being sensitive as well as bold.

However, I know I am emotionally matured.

Yes, I am emotionally stable in most of the circumstances — especially where you need understanding blended with much of your maturity to execute a constructive outcome.

However, there are certain times I end up being expressive. I will be in tears and maybe sometimes lose my temper in minutes. Which, however, will be labeled as being too sensitive.

I had a lot of analysis done on my personality and questioned myself of being challenging to perceive by many.

Until now, I have my very close friends who are successful women and men in their late 20s. I met them in my new city of settlement, and they mirror my image precisely.

The question is how we define being sensitive.

My boldness did not grasp me in a blink.

Emotional maturity comes from being sympathetic.

I have been sensitive since childhood and often wondered why my judgment always varied from the rest.

When we are sensitive, we perceive things differently and try to follow through the root of the cause rather than the surface story. We have to be warmhearted to appreciate affections and comprehend events.

We will secretly take care of all your needs and problems. Our decisions may not make everyone happy at the moment, but it will never cause harm to anyone’s image. We will always know what we are doing.

Bold people are invariably sensitive. Nonetheless, we appear self-restrained.

Yet, there will be times when we will cry, shed some tears, or laugh out loud and enjoy the moment, to bring back the homeostasis of our mind. A simple act of expressing what’s going on within us.

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