How to Confirm Your Manifestation Process

The law of attraction always amazes me. As much as I would like to manifest all my desires instantly, I am still a learner, and it might take a while for me to master the entire concept.

The truth is, I am not sure if anyone masters the law at all.

From my personal experience, every time I learn something new about the law, I realize there is no magic potion that will just pop our dreams in our hands.

Every individual has a distinct way to bring their desires into reality. That is where the act of being mindful becomes essential as we need to learn what works for us.

Nevertheless, some basic rules serve as a common foundation.

But first, it is crucial to define the term Manifestation.

Manifestation is indeed The How

You might raise the question that we are asked not to worry about The How while we are using the law. And I will say, Yes, you are correct!

Indeed, we are not supposed to think and worry about how things will fall into place and what we should do to receive what we want so desperately.

The Universe/God/Jinie is responsible for taking care of The How. That is what we term as manifestation.

When we say we are manifesting our dream job, it is the Universe providing us all the opportunities that will create our dream job. For instance, you might find a recruiter randomly approaching you, or suddenly, you receive a promotion, etc.

How do we recognize The How?

Subtle signs assure us that everything is on track

The signs are useful to convince ourselves, especially when we are new to the practice.

  • Opportunities/resources — Like newsletters, books, podcasts, online postings, in-person conversations, advertisements, attracting new people, attracting more positivity, receiving invitations to events that will be a step closer to what you desire, and so on. Everything will be in related to your desire.
  • Angel numbers — there are a couple; however, I come across 1111 or 111 a lot more than usual. The more you align with your desired vibrations, then often you see these numbers. It can be on your watch, phone, bank account, and so on. The angel number is a sign of assurance that creation is in process.
  • Resistances — this is one of the hardest parts and also contradictory. The more you are aligned with your process of manifestations, the more obstacles you will face. I take it as a sign of me being on the correct path. All one has to do is remain positive and use affirmations to let go of the resistances.

Since believing is a vital part of the entire process of the manifestation, we become more reliable with signs supporting our actions.

Cheers! If you discover new signs that encourage you while creating your dream life.

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