Redefine Your Bookshelf to Change Your Life

Building a hobby of reading might be entertaining, however, similar to choosing quality for every material in life, we may need to select the right kind of books.

Until COVID-19, my library has been minimal with books, whose one page will make me fall asleep right away. It did not take much longer to realize that I was selecting the wrong options for me.

Eventually, I changed my perspective towards myself, and it became clear why I am where I am and what can be improved.

May be your personal library comprises of only four books. Choose them wisely.

Books can be as influential as much as watching videos.

Visual options rewire our brain instantly, and we respond to what we watch at that moment. If the visual comes with a strong message, it remains engraved in our mind for a significant amount of time.

Similarly, books take us to the world of imagination instantly. Based on what we read, our brain starts picturing what the author wants us to think and imagine. Often this imagination can be an interpretation of our state of mind. Because depending on the said, our perceptions will vary.

As we repeatedly keep reading the same books over and over again, we bump into something new each time. Every reading session opens a new door to ponder.

Hence, here is the critical part, which I realized is crucial.

If one keeps reading something that generates patterned imaginations, it will invariably become a reality.

Just like, repetition of a particular action converts into a habit, a repeat of a specific imagination can result in the same form of practice. Sooner than later, we are living the life we have been thinking about consistently.

For instance, in my childhood, I would always get attracted to romantic movies that involved dishonesty and sadness. Yet, many such movies end up being popular. However, I managed to imagine myself through such stories and guess what. I ended up experiencing two toxic relationships that developed a lot of negative conclusions about men within me.

Although, these were movies, however, books do have a similar effect, and here is the example of how. Just like those movies made me attract failed relationships, reading the correct kind of books switched the picture in my mind.

I started reading books that inspire dating and romances and talks about the good qualities of men. Ever since then, my patterned imaginations have changed as well as the people around me. I ended up meeting good-hearted, loving guys over the past few weeks. I now encounter positive incidences and attract people who are the best fit for me.

Personality development is a choice we all make, depending on our goals.

It has been just a year that I started considering the act of reading seriously. As I have been ordering from Amazon, based on the ratings and reviews they post, I realized my taste is different from at least what most of the population prefers.

My personality keeps me away from the crowd almost all the time. However, I never realized that it would also imply in choosing books to read. I asked friends and acquaintances for recommendations. And yet those books did not click. It was a complete rejection by my body and mind.

Eventually, when I started practicing self-love, I developed the attitude of choosing what I like rather than what other people say.

When we start questioning ourselves, invariably, the answers will be astonishing and yet correct. I bumped into articles and books that align with my intentions and defines my personality.

Personality development is a tough task. It requires constant dedication and mental strength to accept your state of being, whether you like it or not. Randomly choosing books to read indicates our mind to be unfocused.

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Choose your books wisely.

It is good to read a wide variety of genres. But the trick is to pay attention to what books we bring onto our shelves.

To choose your books carefully can be beyond just merely choosing the bestselling authors. To be wise in here means knowing what you want to bring into your imaginations.

I believe that our thoughts directly reflect ourselves and so our surroundings. Hence, taking the responsibility to become the best version of yourself is the first stepping stone towards a brighter future.

Books are our best friends.

It is so true. You come home tired, get a cup of tea, and spend reading at least a page in a calm ambiance. Likewise, reading a good book can be the first thing you might consider doing in the morning.

Books embrace us and can be our beloved. They speak to us and share their emotions and helps us develop empathy. They make us think, and they make us wise.

At present, the books that I consciously welcomed into my life have changed my perspective towards men, enhanced my emotional intelligence, shown me the light at the end of the tunnel, provided me with the strength to say “No,” improved my vocabulary skills and so on.

When we choose friends wisely, then why not books.

9 thoughts on “Redefine Your Bookshelf to Change Your Life

    1. Yes Austin, I agree with that quote. It is funny though we do not think so much about what we read and how it might be affecting us. I do believe we need all kinds of books to shape our minds well. And, they are more influential than a person telling us what’s right and wrong, sometimes.

      Thanks for the acknowledgment!

      By the way, can you tell me why I cannot access your blog?

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  1. Books are such a wonderful resource, if we think about the influence they can have on us. I have only recently started reading books that encourage creativity and breaking away from making what other people want, instead creating what we want. It has been a freeing experience, and though a slow process in moving more towards reading every day, in the morning, and creating every day, too!

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