Gratitude For Your Elegance

Liberating from the wind of sorrow,
I let myself blow away with the wind;
As I stand here today asking who am I,
I see you holding your hand out for me.
Minute by minute, the lapse of breath,
The self of being that was buried surfaced;
I came out from the isolated discomfort,
Taking steps to the confidence of ocean waves.
Immersed with the love of divine,
The grace that fills my bones;
To the soul I knew exists,
Yet never hugged the gentle touch;
With your strength to embrace my fierce,
I feel your soft petals showing me the way;
Into the wild and through rays of shine.
Walking into the delight, this day,
I feel my feet following your footprints;
Silently yet struggling, I stand up high,
Holding your hands that steady and firm;
Like the trees hugging and shedding leaves,
Wind whispering, I found the peace I most longing for;
I found the love I forgot to embody,
I know my future where it sits;
Where I am heading to and where I shall remain.
 Aceline Lavanya©2020 

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