Love is More Than The Physical Appearance

Love is the sweetest thing in the world.

It is the first cup of tea in the morning that hits your brain at the right spot and wakes you up complete and happy.

When you are in love, every minute of the day is the essence of that person’s presence. Your resilience to combat failures is just the next door you can access easily.

Love is the empathy that comes without an effort to understand where the person is expressing themselves. It is the touch and warmth of that person you experience, even when you are not around him/her.

Love is the intimacy that sparks from understood humor and following up with the person for the little events happening in life. The intimacy that exists beyond the looks and connects with touch.

It is the attraction that builds up piece by piece with every conversation and every action intended for you. The feeling rises inch by inch on your skin, and all your plans automatically include that person.

You admire the person for their personality.

Their laughter amazes you and makes your day. You want to see their face; even a glimpse is enough. You want to hear them; even just a hello is enough. You want to touch them; even just a hug/kiss is enough.

Every time the phone rings, you see his/her name pop-up, and that’s all you need to have a peaceful, loving sleep at night.

Love develops from consistent actions and unspoken words.

It is their eyes and the ears and goes beyond the physical appearance.

It is the feeling that gives you hope that good people exist, and your partner is all that you may have asked for. It is the entity that brings back to your partner amidst all disagreements.

Love holds you up, and you stand with confidence because you know he/she is right with you. It is the trust that becomes your new foundation of life.

Love is beyond the scars that appear as decors of originality.

4 thoughts on “Love is More Than The Physical Appearance

  1. I believe love is rare. I loved woman who had knowledge, talks to me and they listen to me. Shared conversation. Best sexy night, are playing the card game of Blackjack or chess. Love take two people that need the company of the other. Love need reminders or love can be forgotten. Wonderful words and thoughts shared.

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      1. I have grandchildren now. We play card games, board games, chess and checkers. They love this. I did the same with my grandfather. Love is sharing time with the people, we need. Good morning from Michigan.

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