The Horizon of Unknown

 The sky lit the arms surrounding the blue horizon,
 I feel the urge to rush into the unknown.
 It is white enlightening the mind,
 Beneath the fabricated stories of ours,
 It is soft touched by the love from the soul.
 I feel into my veins the cold desires,
 The wild dreams running deep down my skin;
 Rushing through the waves, crashing on the molded rocks,
 I feel the waves calling my name sinking down my throat. 

 Aceline Lavanya©2021 

2 thoughts on “The Horizon of Unknown

  1. The Horizon, to me is always intriguing…. Especially at the sea shores…. Just gives me those goosebumps…as the subtle invisible vibrations gush through me.. This poem reminds me of those moments… 👌👌

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