When I Mirror Myself to My Surroundings

How does it feel to see and encounter relationships with people who mimics our past?

We all meet people in our lives who remind us of our past self — something we left to change our story, our present — that we are dealing with the now and the future inspiration self.

Sometimes, the past-self makes me feel that I was not wrong; there was nothing wrong with who I was back then. However, I had to change because circumstances made me too. My surroundings screamed at my face that everything was wrong with me. I changed because I needed to go from point A to point B, which was inevitable without the change.

The future, however, always inspires me and makes me feel the lack of something. That’s where it becomes tricky. Is it the lack, is it really I have not reached my real being, or is it just a test to see whether I am happy where I am or not?

It is frustrating when we fail in relationships because of the same reasons

When relationships fail repeatedly, we need to step back and ask where we are going wrong, especially when things turn up toxic and bring the least good in our minds and hearts. 

It is nearly impossible to cure oneself to find the perfect one — whether in friendship, family, or romantic partnership. Because no one is perfect, and everyone changes over time. After a certain age, we all carry baggage from our individual experiences that are unlikely to alleviate overtime.

However, certain traits remain prominent and keep coming right at our faces to remind us like an alarm clock. Yet, we find excuses and get swirled with all the tasty treats the relationship probably is bringing. Until the day comes when everything is out of control, we are already in the passenger seat.

It is indeed frustrating to find that even the efforts made early on to understand and read the person before trusting and beholding them failed to read correctly. We fell for the prey again!

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