How to Change Your Story by Addressing Your Insecurities

Listening to podcasts and reading books to change your life story is one thing, which takes conscious desire and effort. However, executing the changes, or, in other words, developing the changes in your current life situation, is entirely different.

We often tend to combine two tasks in life. 

For instance, working hard will pay me more or help me receive a promotion. But, hard work is one category, and receiving a raise/promotion is one separate category.

We may succeed in becoming productive and work harder than usual. However, that is nothing to do with rising, and we may still not receive a raise. The mindset required to achieve each of the desires is unique in itself and requires individual attention.

Another example to support this thought will be being a successful writer on a Medium/personal blog. 

Having 1K+ followers is one aspect, which requires effort to follow other people and read their blogs. However, that does not guarantee our success as a writer since writing a good blog is a separate category to master. We will have to write and post consistently with something that the followers will appreciate.

We all have insecurities, which some of us are very open to sharing, and some fail to address out of embarrassment — which in itself is insecurity.

Regardless of our state of mind, addressing our insecurities becomes the critical step, to begin with, the changes we would like to cultivate. We fail to achieve something because we fail to make the right move, which entails our lives that harbors our insecurities.

Therefore the effort begins with identifying the reasons that thrive inside us, which block us from leaping.

Begin with observing how you respond to specific topics while making decisions

For instance, topics on relationships can trigger anxiety that arises from past failures or abuse. That is readily available to block any upcoming opportunities by freezing you to make a move or evoke thoughts of failure before it might manifest.

Insecurities can range from 1 to 10 in grades and can be in a variety of contexts. Some of the common insecurity categories are — 

  • Relationships
  • Intimacy
  • Appearance
  • Financial stability
  • Debt 
  • Security in one-self
  • Health
  • Social interactions
  • Public speaking
  • Leadership
  • Cooking
  • Eating
  • Organization and multi-tasking
  • Productivity
  • Speech and Language
  • Observation
  • Memory

The list can go on and on; some can be subtle, and others can be very prominent.

Addressing the insecurities can tell us the reason why something may not be working right for us. Sometimes, we are so focused on our goals that we forget to observe how we carry ourselves in the process of reaching those goals.

Improving on our insecurities help us develop a very secure relationship with ourselves. We do not need others to tell us what is wrong with us. We know what is wrong, and we try to fix it, which is again a choice.

Two primary medium to identify insecurities

Journaling— write without thinking and judging your thoughts on specific topics of interest. The more mindful we become, we will see how our hands shake and our language pan-out while writing on a topic that creates chaos in our minds.

Re-reading the journals can provide us information regarding the areas where we need to focus and improve.

Meditation — not just breathing and listening to affirmations, but practicing mindful meditation. The activity is one of the best to see where our mind is hovering around. First, it helps remove the unrelated and unwanted thoughts from our minds, and second, to seed in our minds the ideas we would like to have.

Changing life story is possible; however, it is not a dream that comes true overnight unless channeled the right way. 

As the statement goes, “Fake it till you make it.”, even to fake something, one will need to make the changes from within. 

Faking, while having insecurities, will not assist us positively. Faking, while deleting our insecurities, will drive us closer to our goals. 

Sometimes it will take time depending on our state of mind; however, the more aligned we are with the process, we are close to success.

2 thoughts on “How to Change Your Story by Addressing Your Insecurities

  1. Yes, journalling and meditating does indeed help with self-reflection, and the former has been a great tool for my own discoveries. Great advice by using insecurities to tackle your life’s problems. Thanks for sharing!

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