The Unsaid Goodbye

 All we needed was that split second,
 locking into each other through the glass;
 the eyes that mesmerized me from day one,
 the smile that took my breath away with every lips bend,
 those that barged through my heart, alas.
 We both knew we were done,
 with our eyes brushing each other briefly through the crowd,
 it was an easy goodbye;
 yet unexplained and unprepared to sigh.

 The fire that burnt within,
 burning the million dreams and plans;
 the words that I never said, should have;
 the actions I never did, should have;
 burning all the several evenings to fit in.
 Burning the desires to feel your warmth,
 the urge to taste those lips.
 Curious, I stand stunt with my heartbeats racing,
 to avoid you through the crowd me pacing,
 to confirm, was it really you?
 I see you with her, and just being there, I see you.

 All we needed was that split second,
 locking into each other through the glass;
 Was it too late or too awkward,
 was it too complicated or too straight forward,
 was it me or was it you not to acknowledge us,
 was it us, or was it all a fluke.

 How do we define those spontaneous dinner nights,
 How do we define the messages you left to know how my day was.
 Laughter and smiles that decors the air,
 we passed into the sarcasm minds of ours.
 Maybe I didn’t read what you needed,
 Or maybe I was what you wanted but not what you needed.
 The meaningful conversations and the thoughtfulness,
 gestures that made me feel special, no one ever did to me.
 Acceptance and appreciation towards each other,
 unconditional attention and quiet caring,
 intimacy through our minds and reflections.
 The flow was nice, and the wind was soothing,
 my mind was finally at peace until the pieces were spacing.

 All we needed was that split second,
 locking into each other through the glass;
 Why does it not hurt yet I miss the charming presence of yours,
 arms that never around mine, yet I miss the smell of yours,
 I miss seeing you, your presence, and your essence.
 I see the world differently now,
 I see myself differently now.
 You gave me the reason to smile,
 even with the unsaid goodbye. 

 Aceline Lavanya©2021 

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