Online Friends Taking Over In-Person Friendship

Whether it is just be-friending someone or looking for a date, an online search for a human entity has always been a strange experience to me. 

Being an introvert, who is cautious about reality, talking to strangers, and sharing personal experiences with them have always intrigued me. On top of the same, strangers I am not in-person with, and this world of web signals are altogether not happening.

Until recently, as I started improving my writing skills and sharing my thoughts on my blog, I got engaged with random good conversations with my followers online. Surprisingly, it made me feel good. The feeling was love and appreciation in a secrete way. It is often hard to find from people we might home with or spend our weekends.

My followers online, I know nothing about them except their profile picture and their posts. And, so the same goes about me for them. It can be strange and scary, yet connecting with people on shared concepts — well understood, well perceived, and well appreciated is one amazing feeling. 

Even just the statement of being correct and being valued is impressive. Is it the age, I do not know; however, I can certainly conclude that I know now how social media can become an essential part of our life.

The thought develops following a conversation with my co-worker, who is a writer too. She emphasized how unbelievably content, satisfied and comfortable it feels to have a friend online, whom we never meet, never see, a stranger. Additionally, one of my very best friends has plenty of online friends from her dating history, and each one of them is there when she needs to share her thoughts.

As attractive as it sounds, the overall experience made me wonder if we are moving into a phase of life/lifestyle where we will rely on our online friends rather than in-person friendships. Slowly and steadily, I feel we are less likely to be bold enough to make efforts to approach strangers in-person. Well, at least the pandemic is elevating the pace of the change for sure.

2 thoughts on “Online Friends Taking Over In-Person Friendship

  1. Amazing insight. Being an introvert myself as well, it’s nice to hear advice from people you can relate to online, whereas in person you may not relate and get along with as many people because you might not find similarities as easily.

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