My Love For Snow

Fluffy touch on my face,
crystallizing into a beautiful mess,
I see you through the windows,
I feel you while I walk,
you bring me happiness,
I cherish it as my own to enjoy.

I feel my face glowing and gleaming,
the first touch of flurries,
as I see them flying down the sky,
how you sense my mood,
how you know, I want the hugs from the sky.
You make me get cozy,
lavishing some hot tea and melody,
my mind wanders into my desires,
I see myself transforming out of a cocoon.

You fall elegantly,
so beautiful even in my dreams,
You shape artistically,
so creative through the steam,
On glass or the road,
on my arms or the trees,
You bring the change,
the light that shines in the darkness.

 Aceline Lavanya©2021 

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