3 Podcasts To Invest in Yourself for a Positive Outcome

Since my mid-twenties, I had pledged to transform my life by changing my perspectives on myself and life. It takes a lot of strength to stand-up against your current reality and others to create a difference in the world bound to run on a defined path.

As much as it may sound easy, change is challenging. Often we become self-critical, we feel lost, and we almost feel like giving up.

In my journey of transforming my life and cultivating the person I want to become, I realized how important it is to have a good friend and a guardian to boost us when we fail or feel exhausted.

Change starts with habits because our actions are reflections of ourselves. How we act and speak creates our reality and defines us. 

Inculcating habits are difficult and become more challenging with age. Hence, it is crucial to realize where we stand with our thoughts and perspectives about our practices. 

Sometimes, the good supportive friend/guardian may not be a real-life person, and instead, they are the books and podcasts, and videos that guide us and hold our hands on the path.

The internet is full of resources for self-help, such as books, movies, etc., that can assist us in our self-improvement journey. However, each of us is unique; hence, some of those resources might be useful and easy to tune in. At the same time, some may not be that useful.

For me, I came across some valuable podcasts on Spotify. 

These podcasts have reminded me time and again whether I am doing the right thing or not. Their voice and words have affirmed my existence and positively inspired me to take the right actions.

I came across these podcasts at different stages of my expedition. I hope these may help inspire at least one other person in their voyage to a happy and healthy life.

#1Make Your Damn Bed — Julie Merica

Making our bed every morning indeed makes a huge difference. The difference is subtle, and we realize it when we come back home to see how beautiful and neat our bedroom looks just because the bed looks just set. 

That slight feeling of goodness and satisfaction can kill most of the stress the day might have poured on us.

The podcast helps to build habits and motivates us through the process of practicing a new habit. It is challenging to practice new habits and make it a routine, and so Make Your Damn Bed can be our 2–4 mins of positive impulse.

#2 Life Kit — NPR

The podcast showcases interactions with experienced individuals on topics ranging from parenting to relationships and financial stability. 

Life Kit manages to provide insights that can assist us plan and make decisions in daily life encounters. The talks are motivational and help us be better and secure human beings.

#3 Tiny Leaps, Big Changes — Gregg Clunis

Gregg Clunis provides a to-the-point overview of our daily behaviors that can affect our thinking and reality. The podcast focuses on important personal development aspects such as the act of complaining, dating, productivity, and so on, providing us with inputs that we can practice in our lives.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes provide us with hopes and tricks to gain the best out of our lives through self-reflection and consciousness.

These are my three current best friends, who ceaselessly motivate and guides me. However, they are not the only ones to be acknowledged, and someone may find some other resources to be more helpful.

Reading and listening are two major influencers in our life. We listen to people and take their words; similarly, we read books and our minds wander in imaginations. 

Podcasts can be real influencers since we can conveniently listen to them while driving, walking, jogging, working out, waking up, or any solo activity.

Using alone time mindfully to bring in something helpful in life is the critical step towards self-improvement.

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