Finding True Meaning

I assumed I was created for a reason,
The assumption that ate me each milestone I progressed,
Skiing through the world where faith and desire beautifully entangled,
Where our hearts lose trust and gain less.

In the maze, we often see ourselves jumping off into the deep,
It depends on whether we aspire to swim,
Regardless of how long it takes or how far the shore is.
The rules and sentiments that bring a pinch of discipline and more of sorrow,
I see myself snorkeling in the direction against the stream,
As much they say it defines us to help survive,
My dreams are tethered, and so is the future I aspire to build.

Finding true meaning is to accept who you are and so the state,
The road will be graveled, and so will your stormy mind,
Deciding to stay or flee or fly by yourself above all,
Feeling the joy of flight or fight while at ease.


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